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Alkali RPD Lite+ Inline Hockey Skates Sr - 12
The Alkali RPD Lite + has a new lightweight quater construction with additional stiffness, this has 100% heat moldabilty with improved comfort. Alkali Pro Roller Last - Allows for the foot to fit properly with more room in thr forefoot. Hyper Lock L Pads secure ankles and eliminates heel lift. Nylon outsole with low profule wheel channels. Tac-Lite internal liner. Two pieve fully ventilated 7mm...
Was £124.00 Now £94.00 inc VAT
Alkali Quantum IDS PucksAlkali Quantum IDS Pucks
Best Seller
Alkali Quantum IDS Pucks
The Alkali Quantum Puck - Powered by IDS is one of the most popular inline hockey puck on the market. Center molded for strict uniformity. 360 degree matched rebound. Specially formulated PVC body. Center-weighted for flatter play. 360 degree perimeter balance.
£8.95 inc VAT

Alkali Quantum Inline Girdle Sr
Alkali Quantum Inline Girdle Sr
The Alkali Quantum Inline Girdle has traditiona full flex padding with a 16 way stretch mech lycra construction. Lightweight construction for increased comfort. Built in cup with comfort leg straps. Built-in internal cup with comfort leg straps.
£47.95 inc VAT

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