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Gumball Toestops - 17mm (Short)
Gumball Toe Stops are designed and made specifically with roller derby in mind. Made with all natural rubber and an aluminum stem (to reduce weight), Gumball Toe Stops have the perfect balance of grip and durability necessary for quick stops and fast starts.Gumball Toe Stops are great for all types of skating surfaces including wood, sport tile, polished and unpolished concrete, masonite, banked tracks...
Was £18.00 Now £16.00 inc VAT
Can you believe that it has been over 5 years since the Gumball toe stop was released into the market? No, us either! The #1 toe stop in Roller Derby has been revamped for this year and now features a flat, angled surface. This gives the skater a larger surface area and therefore more grip when pushing off. The all natural, uncoloured rubber compound remains untouched in this new version, as have...
£21.95 inc VAT

Gumball Superball Toe StopsGumball Superball Toe Stops
Gumball Superball Toe Stops
Gumball toe stops have been the number one toe stop for roller derby skaters for a number of years. 2015 has brought some exciting new changes to a modern classic and the result is the all new Superball! Previewed at RollerCon, the Superball has a MASSIVE surface area as recent market research has shown that this is what skaters of today were looking for - a wider base to offer more stability, the...
£29.95 inc VAT

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