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Bauer Speed Plate 2.0
Bauer Speed Plate 2.0
The Bauer Speed Plate 2.0 gives you 20% more out of each stride. The Speed Plate 2.0 thermoforms to provide a custom fit and helps get rid of the negative space between your foot and the footbed. The plate supports and stabilizes the foot for increased energy transfer giving you the extra edge on the ice. The low density memory foam provides premium comfort.
£59.95 inc VAT
Fresh Cut Magazine Edition 2 - OpportunitiesFresh Cut Magazine Edition 2 - Opportunities
Fresh Cut Magazine Edition 2 - Opportunities
The name of this edition, "OPPORTUNITIES" The British hockey card story taking the UK hockey scene by storm is told to us by the chaps at Blindside. With the closing of the Hive in Bracknell the most successful women’s team became homeless overnight. The QueenBees tell us about relocating. Ex-Belfast/Sheffield/Cardiff/Newcastle and Team GB forward, Paul Sample explains the roots of Gameplan...
£6.00 (VAT exempt)

Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey InsolesSuperfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insoles
£39.95 inc VAT
Superfeet Hockey Comfort InsolesSuperfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles
Superfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles
The Superfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles provide the much needed support for the foot that your shoes or skates just can't offer with their standard insole. The Comfort offers just that… a more comfortable feel in the skate thanks to the Cushioned Aerospring™ Glide comfort foam. The Hockey Comfort insoles holds the arch in just the right place which will prevent over pronation of the foot...
£29.95 inc VAT