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Mob Grip Tape - Black
Mob Grip Tape - Black
The standard Mob Grip Tape is the go to choice for pros. Super durable and easy to apply thanks to tiny perorations allowing the air bubbles to escape when pressing down. Hundreds of barely visable perforations allow air to escape for bubble free application Exclusive silicon carbide grit-binding process for grip that will not wear out High strength, tear resistant, waterproof backing that trims...
£5.50 inc VAT
Mob M-80 Skateboard Grip Tape
Mob M-80 Skateboard Grip Tape
The Mob M-80 Grip Tape is perfect for technical tricks. The specially formulated tech grit makes for a nice balance of foot hold and easy release. Developed with Pro skater feedback, the M-80 is both light weight and long lasting. Hundreds of tiny little perforations allow air to escape when applying the grip to the deck... avoiding those dreaded air bubbles. One single sheet - Size: 9" - 33"
£6.50 inc VAT

MOB Griptape Grip CleanerMOB Griptape Grip Cleaner
MOB Griptape Grip Cleaner
Keep your board looking fresh with the "grippiest" grip tape! Erase dirt & dust from your grip tape! Mob Grip tape cleaner gets deep into the grit to bring back the original grip of your grip tape.
£8.95 inc VAT

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