1st July 2020

Konixx Rocket 2X Outdoor Hockey Wheels Back in Stock

Konixx Rocket 2X Outdoor Hockey Wheels Back in Stock

The Rocket isn't just "another outdoor wheel", it's the new standard for what an abrasive surface wheel should be like. Featuring our 2x Dura-thane™ and Glu-thane™ additives and our proven Five-Star urethane hub, Konixx has created a wheel that will outlast and outperform all else on rougher surfaces like asphalt and concrete.Construction:  Single pour 

  • Extra Dura-thane™ additive for supreme wear
  • Glu-thane™ additive for excellent grip
  • Hub Size:  Standard 608
  • Hardness Available: 84A
  • Price per wheel


27th June 2020

SkateStation Reopens

SkateStation Reopens

We have missed you and we are stoked to announce our store will be reopening on Tuesday 30th June!!!

We now have all measures in place to ensure the safety or our customers and staff in our store. 

To give everyone the best service possible all staff memebers will be given a Bauer Face Mask and a botle of Anti-Bacterial gel. We also have a sink where staff will wash their hands inbetween customers. We have new signage to state the distance to keep from other customers around the store and a screen our the till. Our store has recently had a deep clean ready for our reopen.

We have changed where certain products sit in our store and now have a fitting area for skates and hockey protective. In this area we will only be allowing two sets of customers whilst we are in stage 1.

We have updated our workshop and have added in a second Blade Master Skate Sharpening Machine. 

If you still do not feel comfortable coming in store (we won't take it personally) we are offering our click and collect service and you're welcome to call when you are outside and we can bring your order out to you.  Alternatively, you can  order online and request home delivery. 

As we reopen our opening times will be a little different to start off with and we will update you when we go to stage 2 and 3. 


Store Opening Tuesday - Friday 1pm - 5pm. Click and Collect will be available during these times

  • Numer of People in Store: We will have a sign at the front of our store with the capacity allowed. We love seeing all your cheeky faces however during this stage please only visit if you are the person intending on buying. We understand that children being fitted will need to be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Hand Sanitiser: Please use our Anti-Bacterial (vegan friendly) bottles as you enter, we will also have more placed around the store. 
  • Skate Sharpening: 24 hour service unless we are quiet
  • Skate Fitting: Please bring a mask with you and ensure you bring a clean pair of socks with you. Staff will also be wearing a mask.
  • Helmet Fitting: Please bring a mask with you. Staff will also be wearing a mask.
  • Browsing our store: We ask please only come in if you're intending to buy. We do not have a huge store and have a strict capacity. Please feel free to look at our range on our website.
  • Feeling unwell? If you or someone from your household feels unwell please do not visit our store however you can still use our website.
  • Payment: Card Payment Preferred
  • Clean Store: We have upped our cleaning routines to ensure all surfaces are clean.


Store Opening Tuesday - Friday 1pm - 5pm and Saturday 10 - 3pm. Click and Collect will be available during these times

Rules: TBA

Stage 3

Return to normal opening hours. 

Rules TBA

We are rookies at this and are learning our way with the reopening process so please bear us as we may make further changes as we progress to allow the best in store experience. Any updates to our store guidelines we will update on our website and social media so we recommend checking before travelling to us.

We are pumped to start seeing you at our store again as we open our SkateStation community back up.

The SkateStation Family

26th June 2020

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Skates are now Released

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Skates are now Released

Today is a good day in the hockey world as it's the official release of the BAUER S20 SUPREME ULTRASONIC ICE HOCKEY SKATES SR. Bauer have shaked up the hockey industry as now your game picks your skates with Bauers new fitting system, this also applies to the BAUER VAPOR 2X PRO ICE HOCKEY SKATES SR. Checkout this video on the new Bauer Fits -

What will we be stocking?

  • Bauer Supreme #UltraSonic Skates: These skates are available in the new fit system and available in full and half sizes. In Senior size 7+ they are £665 and in Intermediate size 4 - 6.5 they are £590.
  • Bauer Supreme 3S Skates: These skates are available in the new fit system and available in full and half sizes. In Senior size 7+ they are £360 and in Intermediate size 4 - 6.5 they are £315.
  • Bauer Supreme S35 Skates: These skates are available in full and half sizes and come in D width only. n Senior size 7+ they are £185, in Intermediate size 4 - 6.5 they are £165 and junior 1 - 3.5 are £140.
  • MyBauers: Start from £735 click here for all spec available ---> MY BAUER CUSTOM PLAYER SKATES 

We believe these models fits nicely at different price points to suit your needs from recreational skating / hockey to elite level ice hockey, however we can get the S37 and 3S Pro Skates in if you would like to check them out too. 

Come into our store and use our BAUER 3D SKATE LAB as it will help size you up to the right fit, we will then discuss with you what skate is right for your ability, price point and level of hockey.

Let your game pick your skates. 

25th June 2020

Bauer Reversible Face Masks now available at SkateStation

Bauer Reversible Face Masks now available at SkateStation

BAUER REVERSIBLE FACE MASKS now available at SkateStation.
Protect your teammates and your buds on the street. The Bauer Reversible Fabric Face Mask is intended for everyday use at places like the rink, your local hockey shop, and the grocery store and whilst on public transport. Our long-time commitment to protection for players on the ice now extends to the whole world off the ice. As always, a good defense will lead us to victory.

Designed per CDC and Health Canada recommendations for non-medical grade face masks. This is not a medical grade face mask and is not intended for use in a medical setting. Not intended for children under the age of 2, anyone with respiratory difficulty or that is otherwise unable to remove without assistance. Wash before first use and after each subsequent use, as per care instructions. All sales final: due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept exchanges or returns.

  • One Size Fits All
  • Antibacterial Treatment
  • Water Repelient
  • Transmittance pretty blocking of eythernally radiation
  • Rewashed 50 times
  • Ideal for use on public transport
  • Available in three reversible colour ways
16th June 2020

#StickSale - 15% Off All Composite Sticks

#StickSale - 15% Off All Composite Sticks

SkateStation Summer Stick Sale is ON......get 15% off all composite sticks online and in store (once we are back open) until 31st July 2020. 

  • This offer cannot be used with Stick Recycle or any other promotion.
  • Only applies to in stock sticks.

Enter the code 15COMP at checkout to claim your discount!

4th June 2020

It’s pride month and we love it!

It’s pride month and we love it!

It’s pride month and everyone at SkateStation are supporters and or part of the LGBTQIA+ family! So happy pride month to all of our customers, friends and family.....our store is and we always be a safe place to shop at ?????‍???? #pride 

2nd June 2020

Enough is enough. Black Lives Matter.

Enough is enough. Black Lives Matter.

SkateStation are taking part in Blackout Tuesday to show solidarity with people of colour across the world.

Now is a time to be actively anti-racist.

Enough is enough. Black Lives Matter.

19th May 2020

Now, let your game pick your skates

Now, let your game pick your skates


What is Bauer talking about? 2020 Bauer has redefined the hockey industry and has elevated YOUR EXPERIENCE and we are proud to introduce the Science of the Fit program. Our 3D Scanner along with all the other Bauer 3D Skate Labs have analyzed over 400,000 scans to help bring the fit that is offered now. 

Bauer has moved from three families with two fits (D and EE to two families with three fits (Fit 1, Fit 2 and Fit 3). 

So what does this mean for you?

  • Now you get to pick which boot (Supreme or Vapor) performance is best for your playing style. The Supreme family offering 'Power + Control' and the Vapor family offering 'Quickness + Agility'.

So what are the new Fit Profiles?

  • Short answer: Fit 1, Fit 2 and Fit 3

Longer answer:

  • Fit 1 - Low volume from the heel to ankle wrap area, low instep height with narrow width.
  • Fit 2 - Medium volume from heel to ankle wrap area, medium instep height with medium width
  • Fit 3 - High volume from heel to ankle wrap area, high instep height with wide foot width

Intermediate Skates, what's all that about?

  • Bauer have introduced the Intermediate skate (BAUER S20 SUPREME ULTRASONIC ICE HOCKEY SKATES INT) because when the player gets older (on average 11-14 or women), stronger and more skilled, they will want a more supportive skate to enhance their performance. The intermediate skates are designed with torsionally more supportive materials than junior skates to trigger increased energy output on every skating stride. The new intermediate size will be between skate size 4 to skate size 6.5.

Why do Senior Skates start from size 7?

  • This is usually when the player has developed their skating stride or is fully grown and are strong enough to flex the most supportive and best materials offered, which will enhance their performance, giving them the best energy output possible.  The new senior sizing runs from skate size 7 to skate size 12.

Are you still unsure or confused?

  • Not a problem...that's why we are here to help. Either email us or come in store and use our BAUER 3D SKATE LAB.
23rd March 2020

Store Temporary Closure

Store Temporary Closure

 Following Goverments advice SkateStation will be temporarily closing the store until futher notice for the safety of our staff and loyal customers.

ONLINE: We are still processing/sending online orders as normal and we will keep monitoring the situation on what the Goverment advices us to do.

We understand staying at home and self isolating is pretty hard at times however staying active with #HockeyAtHome and learning Tricks on your board will keep your moral up.
Also keep tagging us #SkateStationUk so we can keep up to date with what you're doing as we will miss seeing you in store.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support and messages.
We appreciate every one of you.
Stay Safe and Stay Connected online to each other.
See you on our social media outlets and in store when we reopen!
The SkateStation Family

21st March 2020



With the 2019/2020 Ice and Inline Hockey season finsihing prematurely it doesn't mean it's the end of hockey. Bauer has launched the campaign #HockeyAtHome to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus as people across the world are being asked to stay home. We fully support this initiative and understand the importance of social distancing in minimizing the impact of the virus. However, we can't live without hockey, and we know you can't either.

We have heaps of training accessories to keep you game ready along with outdoor wheels and inline hockey skates to keep your feet moving and to stay active.  

Show us how you are staying in the game at home! Share your pictures, videos, and stories using #HockeyAtHome and #SkateStationUK. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting ideas on how to have fun, train, and stay connected with the greatest game on earth.

Checkout some Hockey at Home clips on our youtube channel ---->

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