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Revision Hi-Lo Static G Wheel - 59mm
76a 59mm Sport Court, Wood, Smooth Concrete Price Per Wheel
Was £8.35 Now £5.60 inc VAT
Revision Red Soft Variant+ Wheels
The Revision Variant Classic is a Soft (74a) indoor wheel available in 80mm, 76mm, 72mm, 68mm & 59mm. Revision wheels are made in the USA. The Variants are a good option for those looking for more grip and speed over the single pour wheels.
Was £7.50 Now £6.00 inc VAT

Revision Steel Firm Wheels
Revision Steel Firm Wheels
The Revision Variant Steel Hockey Wheels come with all the bells and whistles from the previous Variant Steel's but with an improved color scheme. The pro-level urethane combined with their Torus Technology provides excellent grip while turning and increased raw speed. These wheels offer a 78A hardness which is unusual for an indoor roller hockey wheel but they are designed for the player who puts...
£7.50 inc VAT
Revision Clinger Hard Wheels
The Clinger wheel provides ample grip and durability for a good price. The single pour urethane on top of our Platform Core provides reliable grip and speed. It’s hard to consider this a low end wheel due to its quality performance, but the price point allows skaters on a tight budget to skate like the pros. Price Per Wheel
Was £6.75 Now £4.95 inc VAT

Revision Asphalt Pro Wheels
The Revision Asphalt Pro Wheels were reformulated by Revisions dedicated chemists and engineers, who have now designed a wheel that has superb grip, speed, and durability on tough outdoor surfaces. The Revision Asphalt Wheel is built to last with its 85A hardness while maintaining skating performance needed in turns, stopping, and speed. Ideal Playing Surface: Asphalt, Concrete Price Per Wheel
Was £7.50 Now £5.50 inc VAT
Revision Multi-Surface Pro Wheels
The Revision Multi Surface Pro Wheels are totally redesigned to perform at a pro-level on more than one surface. Revision wanted to provide players who don't necessarily have access to indoor tiled rinks a wheel that would perform optimally on their hometown surface. With an all-new formula, the Revision Multi Surface Pro Wheel provides players with better grip, speed, and durability on surfaces such...
Was £7.50 Now £5.50 inc VAT

Revision X-Soft Flex Wheels - 4x 80mm & 4x 76mm
Sold in a set of 8 on special offer - 4x 76mm and 4x 80mm. Speed vs Grip Put the white Torus on the inside to get maximum speed. Put it on the outside to get killer grip. Or mix it up to find your own perfect setup #myrvflex Price Per Wheel
Was £108.00 Now £75.00 inc VAT

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