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**B-Stock** Revision Ghost Axis Outdoor Inline Wheel (Single)
**B-Stock** Slight discolouration to the wheels as pictured / air bubbles may be present in some of the wheels but that will not affect the performance or durability. 84a - perfect for street hockey or just skating
Was £7.95 Now £2.00 inc VAT
Revision Clinger Hard Outdoor Wheels (4 Pack)
Revision Clinger Hard Outdoor Wheels (4 Pack)
The Clinger wheel provides ample grip and durability for a good price. The single pour urethane on top of our Platform Core provides reliable grip and speed. It’s hard to consider this a low end wheel due to its quality performance, but the price point allows skaters on a tight budget to skate like the pros. Great for outside 82a 4 Pack
£27.00 inc VAT

Was £29.50 Now £19.50 inc VAT
Revision Asphalt ASF2 Pro Wheels (4 Pack)
The Revision Asphalt Pro Wheels were reformulated by Revisions dedicated chemists and engineers, who have now designed a wheel that has superb grip, speed, and durability on tough outdoor surfaces. The Revision Asphalt Wheel is built to last with its 85A hardness while maintaining skating performance needed in turns, stopping, and speed. Ideal Playing Surface: Asphalt, Concrete Price Per Wheel
Was £29.50 Now £24.50 inc VAT

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