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Bauer Speed Plates
SPEED PLATE™ is thermoformable and molds to your foot, customizing your skates for optimal balance and stability. Increasing your surface contact with the foot and blade, as well as reducing negative space, gives you more control for faster acceleration. The best skaters have the best balance. With SPEED PLATE, you can align your center of pressure directly over your blades for enhanced balance...
Was £48.50 Now £24.50 inc VAT
Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey InsolesSuperfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insoles
£39.95 inc VAT

Superfeet Hockey Comfort InsolesSuperfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles
Superfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles
The Superfeet Hockey Comfort Insoles provide the much needed support for the foot that your shoes or skates just can't offer with their standard insole. The Comfort offers just that… a more comfortable feel in the skate thanks to the Cushioned Aerospring™ Glide comfort foam. The Hockey Comfort insoles holds the arch in just the right place which will prevent over pronation of the foot...
£29.95 inc VAT
Suregrip Contour Insoles
Suregrip Contour Insoles
Contour insoles are identical to those that come standard in all our skates. Ideal for those who want a little more padding or just looking to replace their warn out insoles. *Please note that some of these insoles are grey in colour rather than black*
£3.00 inc VAT