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SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training SystemSuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System
Best Seller
SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System
Please note - Due to the size of this item we're unable to ship to UK Highlands, Islands and Channel Islands.
£329.00 inc VAT
SuperDeker Rebounder BandsSuperDeker Rebounder Bands
SuperDeker Rebounder Bands
The Rebounder Bands provide fast, crisp pass-back action. Double up the rebounder bands for even more intense speed and power while you practice. The rebounder bands are made with a high density silicone rubber. Each SuperDeker system comes with two rebounder bands. They fit around the two metal pegs creating a barrier for the ePuck to reflect back to help you develop critical puck and stickhandling...
£19.95 inc VAT

SuperDeker Zero Friction Ice SpraySuperDeker Zero Friction Ice Spray
SuperDeker Zero Friction Ice Spray
Proper maintenance of your SuperDeker requires the application of the Zero Friction Ice-Spray at least once a month. We expect that one bottle of spray should last about 6 months if you’re playing consistently. It’s always good to have extra spray.
£9.95 inc VAT
SuperDeker EZ PuckSuperDeker EZ Puck
SuperDeker EZ Puck
A replacement puck for the SuperDeker training system. The ePuck is the only puck that works with the SuperDeker advance stickhandling system, helping you work on your puck handling skills with your SuperDeker at home training aid.
£19.95 inc VAT

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